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Backflow Device Testing

Plumbing systems perform a vital role in modern living. This technology ensures clean, potable drinking water reaches people in homes and businesses on demand. Households and businesses today depend upon functional plumbing systems in a variety of spaces including kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

A plentiful supply of clean water enables people to enjoy greater comfort on a daily basis. It remains essential to obtain qualified plumbing inspections (and periodic testing) in order to keep these systems operating seamlessly. Consider contacting Kimble Plumbing to supply these services!


About Backflow Device Testing
Periodic testing of devices that prevent backflow helps ensure dirty water does not flow backwards through a plumbing system and contaminate clean water. Today, homeowners and business owners sometimes find it helpful to think of a plumbing system as a two-phased process. Part of the system carries fresh, sanitary water into the home. After this water leaves the tap, a portion flows down the drain as wastewater. The second phase of the plumbing system conveys this unclean water into approved drainage systems.

Several devices prevent backflow, including double check valves and rpz backflow devices. Inspecting and testing this plumbing equipment on a regular basis helps prevent problems. Sometimes water pressure anomalies or heavily worn seals result in system failures. A trained plumber offers assistance performing backflow device testing and, if necessary, component replacement.


Comply With Public Safety Requirements
From a sanitation and public health standpoint, it proves absolutely essential to prevent the accidental backflow of unclean water through a residential or commercial plumbing system. No one wants to bathe in dirty bathwater, for example. Similarly, dirty water bubbling back into a sink creates sanitation and odor concerns. It also requires more labor intensive cleaning efforts.

Currently, some municipalities mandate periodic backflow device testing. These regulations seek to promote public health and well being. The presence of backflow contaminating clean water in plumbing systems causes unsanitary conditions. In addition to a foul stench and extra cleaning challenges, backflow problems may even spark disease outbreaks.