Sump Pump Services

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Sump pumps are vital pieces of equipment which help prevent potential flooding in your basement. With a multitude of other benefits which include protecting basement appliances from water damage, reducing mold growth, and helping to keep the foundation intact, a sump pump is a valuable system. In climates that receive heavy rain and snow, and in homes which are built on a flood prone plot, installing and maintaining a sump pump can create some peace of mind despite the circumstances of the weather.


A sump pump kicks into action to prevent water from pooling in low lying locations, such as basements or utility rooms. Many brands of sump pumps exist today. However, this equipment generally falls into one of two categories: submerged sump pumps installed directly below a drain or pedestal sump pumps operating above drain level.

Like every other type of pump, this indoor flood prevention equipment benefits from periodic inspections and maintenance. As the pump operates, it may eventually trap small particles of dirt and debris carried along by the flowing water. Over time this sludge accumulates; it may eventually damage pump performance. Regular cleaning helps ensure a sump pump continues working effectively to safeguard premises against preventable water damage.

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